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Sharmila Clee

I believe exploring our pasts allow us to find the answers we need today to better understand our current behaviors and thoughts. Using strategies of empowerment and strengths-based perspective, I would help you grow a lens of self-compassion and self-love to work through the ups and downs of life. Helping clients create a safe home within themselves that is nurturing, forgiving, and protected is the primary goal of my work. My work with all populations and identities is rooted in inclusivity, compassion, and a radical lens of self-acceptance.

As a transracial adoptee, I am fascinated by the unique experiences we face in life and how they shape us into the individuals we are. The space we will create together will always be safe for all, and notably second-generation immigrants, LGBTQI, BIPOC, those processing the occupation of Palestine, adoptees, and those with visible or invisible disabilities.

Working through issues of colorism, racism and politically charged issues impacting collective groups is where my head + heart live, so you can bring these topics to the therapy room, as I recognize macro-issues impact us as individuals. Your lens, perspective + history deeply matter in this space. Looking forward to being a witness on this journey with you.

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